Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deja Rue - I know again that I will regret this

Chatting with a colleague about parenting. He says, "You know how you're always talking about how much you like your kids? Well, I've gotten to that point!" "Oh," says another colleague, "your kids are finally interesting?" "Yes, " responds the first, "they're old enough to be interesting now. My wife and I aren't talking about orphanages so much any more."

I chime in, "I think you're up to at least 150, maybe 200."

My colleague is puzzled and it appears on his face.

"Thousand dollars in psychotherapy bills to help your kids recover" I clarify.

Comprehension dawns on the first as the second says, "Oh, sure, as in 'I just ruined the kid for month with that!'"

"Yes, " I agree, "we call that 'deja rue', as in 'Once again, I know that I'll regret this.'"

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