Saturday, October 18, 2014

Polar H7 won't pair with iPhone App

I have an iPhone that I was using with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).  I use RunKeeper to track my workouts and find it to be highly reliable.  After only a few months of use, I was heartbroken to find that my Heart Monitor wouldn't pair to the application any more, even after putting a new battery into the H7.

Here's how I made it work:

  • Take the battery out of the HRM
  • Use a small screw driver to touch the two battery contacts at the same time.  
    • This shorts out the power and drains any remaining charge in the unit
  • Insert battery back into the unit and attempt to pair with your application
    • Note that the H6 and H7 won't pair with the iPhone directly; they need to be paired from within the application that will read their signals.
Happy workouts!


  1. Thanks, worked like a charm. And I was worried the unit was dead